Cannabis Business Loans

Are you looking for the best cannabis business loans? If so, get in touch with us at Bespoke Financial. Short term business loans are currently available to help marijuana dispensaries and businesses grow and flourish.

It is easy to see that the cannabis industry is one that is growing like wildfire, but it is challenging to get started without a weed business loan. Despite the skyrocketing popularity of the cannabis industry, many banks are still hesitating to provide funds for cannabis business startups.

At Bespoke Financial, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to try their hand in this new industry. We provide dispensary loans that come with short term contracts and interest fees to help cannabis companies get started down the right road. By offering short term financing, our company can better serve those who are fresh and new to the marijuana industry.

Best CannaBusiness Financing for Short Term Loans

Seeking financing for a business loan is hard enough without adding on the fact that you are just starting anew. Lenders are more apt to take a chance on established brands or businesses. At Bespoke Financial, we know how hard it is to get your foot in the door of the cannabis niche. We are proud to offer marijuana business funding to qualified individuals in legal areas.

At Bespoke Financial, we can work with your company as it grows. If your new dispensary takes off successfully, we can help renegotiate the terms of your contract to adjust for your expanding business. Updated financial documents are required each quarterly as long as both parties keep the terms of the agreement.

The recent financial records of your dispensary are required to apply. Applicants will also need to provide a business plan and a cannabis license to receive approval. Shorter-term financing gives you the power to control the cash flow of your up and coming cannabis company.

Low Fees on Short Term Cannabis Loans

New cannabis businesses can find low fees of around three to four percent when working with us at Bespoke Financial. No application fees are required when applying for a cannabis business loan with our firm. Lines of credit from our company start at roughly one hundred thousand dollars, but the credit lines are extended for select clients.

In the past, our company has successfully approved lines of credit for cannabis loans as high as five million dollars. To receive an extension of the terms of a loan, an applicant must make successful payments for at least six months. After this time, the terms for the loan can be renegotiated.

Short Term Business Loans for the Marijuana Industry

Cannabis loans are waiting for you to take advantage of at Bespoke Financial. We cannot guarantee that everyone will be approved. However, we can help you explore all of your financial options if you get in touch with our customer support team. Click here to apply for a cannabis dispensary loan from Bespoke Financial. Serving your financial needs will be our pleasure!

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