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Tacoma Mortgage Brokers has been a leading home loan provider to potential home buyers and families desirous of owning their dream home for many years at favorable rates. We believe that when we help families and individuals secure the homes of their choice, we have helped to boost their economic status. Our huge difference or unique selling point is the cheap monthly mortgage payment plans we offer.

Here are all of our different mortgage loan options, making us one of the top mortgage lenders in Tacoma.

  • Conventional Mortgage Plan

This type of loan is the most common of all mortgage loans. Conventional loans require no special eligibility as all lenders offer them. This mortgage loan is provided to home buyers and not insured by the federal government. It is instead insured mainly by private lenders. Its low cost, low rate, and quick closure make it the popular choice among homebuyers who need loans. 

The requirements for this mortgage plan are a credit score of at least 620 points and a down payment of 3%. When you satisfy these requirements, you are sure to access up to 80% value of the requested loan and a property inspection waiver.

Tacoma WA mortgage lenders have found this to be the apparent choice of top-tier buyers desirous of home loans.

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secured Home Loans

This is a U.S Department of Agriculture-backed loan scheme for some eligible rural and suburban homebuyers. This is one of its Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan schemes. This loan is suitable for low or average-income home buyers. It is a complete financing option and is the best mortgage brokerage in Tacoma, Washington, for eligible recipients. 

The idea has no down payment and the lowest mortgage rates you can find. So many rural dwellers are homeowners today because of this incredible option of 100% financing. 

We can help you especially access smooth and quick home loans with our many years of experience. We offer different options on our low-down payments for home loans. 

The eligibility for a USDA loan depends on the buyer and the property involved. The home must be situated in a rural area qualified for a USDA loan. This area's population must not exceed 20,000. The buyer must also meet USDA's monthly income requirement, which will determine if the buyer will be able to repay. The credit requirement is at least a 640 FICO credit score. The USDA has a 30-year fixed rate.

  • Veteran Affairs (VA) Mortgage Loan Washington

If you qualify for this loan, then you will believe it is the best mortgage out there. This is a U.S Department of Veterans Affairs backed loan designed majorly to make active and veteran military personnel homeowners at an affordable rate. A few of the advantages of this special mortgage loan are no down payment required, likewise mortgage insurance. 

We have helped and continue to help Washington veterans secure the best VA loans for over 15 years. With as low as 640 FICO credit score and some other less cumbersome requirements, you are good to go.


The Federal Housing Administration insures this loan. With below-average interest rates, easy credit requirements mortgage insurance, this is one of the best we administer as one of the foremost Tacoma WA mortgage brokers. It also comes with a 3.5% down payment.

  • Jumbo Mortgage

An expensive property requires jumbo mortgage financing. Jumbo mortgage loans are loans that exceed $548,000 US Dollars and have some strict rules. It is for those who can play by these "non-conforming" rules.

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