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No need to worry about your accounting needs for your business or company because there is only one who can help you – Dominick Fiorenza, CPA Firm.

Our firm has assisted various clients in different industries which strongly established a solid reputation when it comes to accounting works including assistance regarding tax and revenue issues, consultation service, forensic type of accounting, tax filing including payrolls as well as taxes, bookkeeping assistance, and planning procedures as well as tax preparations.

Our Top Services

We cater to our service not only to provide exceptional solutions but also building stronger linkages among our clients who shared their trust with us. Our company is membered with a compassionate team and well-versed staff associates who can immediately respond to your needs.

We have tax planning assistance which includes arrangements, filing and settling sales and other forms of taxes including Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well as other tax-related concerns. We recommend you to consult with a professional such as our firm regarding your tax issues in order to resolve the conflict and apply appropriate measures before it gets worse.

Most common concerns regarding taxes that many clients encounter are payroll related issue which conveys a severe sanction whenever a company is unable to accurately file and pay a timely tax return. Hence, the company can face tremendous penalties or measures when this incident happens multiple times or if the case was unsettled for a longer period of time. That is why it is very important to apply appropriate action as early as possible.

Forensic Accounting in Springfield NJ

Part of our wide range accounting service is the forensic accounting in Springfield NJ which is usually faced by most clients whom we handled. This service involves resolving irregularities through investigation, analysis, and determining specific financial inconsistencies or disputes that require legal attention.

Aside from that, we also provide assistance for matrimonial concerns such as issues on divorce, the disclosure of responsibilities, settling financial situations and others. We can help clients sort out disclosure of earnings as well as family assets during marriage separation stage which also require legal decisions and approvals. Specifically, we do accurate investigative review any fraudulent-related or non-disclosure of financial statements during a divorce, serve as an expert witness during legal trials, conduct business valuations, analyze financial status of both parties especially the spouse who manage their finances, and actively support legal actions such as mediation, negotiation, and arbitration financial discussions. Most of our customers are highly satisfied with our enhanced approach of services in handling matters like this at a very reasonable expense.

Moreover, we also have other services including the consultation as well as bookkeeping assistance. With these services, you can take advantage of our one on one guided coaching for all types of business owners and private individuals who seek help in dealing with polishing and establishing a precise operation system in accordance to legal guidelines.

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