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Orlando, Florida, is a wonderful place to live in because it is home to the Kennedy Space Center, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Disney World. This city has plenty for everybody, including the historic downtown of Winter Garden as well as the excellent cuisine in the 50 Mills District near Park Lake Highland. That could be the reason why this city has a population of 277,173.

However, the same attributes that make Orlando a desirable place to call home also make it vulnerable to risks that affect your home insurance requirements. Because of its flat and low terrain, as well as its proximity to swamps and Lake Apopka, West Orlando is vulnerable to flooding. Homes in Delaney Park and Lake Davis, as well as others along the Econlockhatchee River, are also at risk of flooding in East Orlando.

Orlando Flood Insurance Coverage

While flood insurance is not authorized by law because Orlando is not located on the coast, it is surrounded by wetlands, swamps, and other water bodies that may cause flooding. Consider Maitland, which is having difficulty maintaining enough floodwater runoff to surrounding lakes.

Even though Orlando has been saved from some of this flooding in the past, hurricanes are becoming more common, and it is difficult to determine which areas will be spared from the resultant flood damage.

It is worth noting that the regular homeowner's insurance policy doesn't cover water losses from storm surges. Moreover, even one inch of stagnant water inside a typical one-story house can cost $23,635 in repairs. If it is not a price you can afford to pay out of pocket, you may want to speak to a Moran Insurance agent about getting flood insurance coverage.

Sinkhole Insurance Coverage in Orlando

Sinkholes form in environments where aquifer levels change dramatically, and Orlando, like most other areas of Florida, is prone to them. When large amounts of water melt the limestone under the ground, it leaves unstable caverns that crumble, resulting in a sinkhole. Homeowners may find these costs incredibly expensive and too challenging to tackle on their own.

Insurance companies in Florida are required by law to have catastrophic ground cover failure coverage, which will cover damages caused by some forms of seismic activity. Some of the cases in which sinkhole damages can be covered include:

  • The structure is condemned by the government, and people have been ordered to vacate.
  • The house and its foundation are damaged structurally.
  • The depression in the ground cover can be seen plainly.
  • The ground cover abruptly collapses.

Our helpful team is delighted to support you with securing affordable coverage and will provide helpful hints to ensure that you and your families are well-protected. 

Homeowners Insurance Orlando

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Homeowners Insurance Orlando

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